“Leave the adulterous women alone. Keep your eyes fixed straight ahead.”

“I will lead you to exactly the spot at the exact time you need to be there. Do not marvel at the work of human hands; notice my Angel in your midst & follow.”

“This was simply a step on the ladder, allowing you to go higher in knowledge & instruction. Each new experience is more you can teach with. Accept my Rod & increase your faith. I will not leave you alone, ever.”

“I see you, fully. The work of my hands never fails, but you are on my time. This stings so you learn what it takes to accomplish goals on Earth. Listen to me, you are my son, whom I love. Give up your desire to impress others. You have already impressed me with your dedication to your craft & to Anne & your children: Bennett, Adrianne, Sierra, Vienna. This will pass, soon, but your path up the mountain will lead others to your heights. Then I can lead them, & you, to new heights. Forgive yourself, cherish this time, as each season ends & is renewed in the next.”