“I am here, as always. Listen to me, my son. We are watching you. We see you. Follow us on the straight & narrow. Here we are. I have news for you. And for another. Silence scares you. Why? Even turtles sense your fear. Let it go! Seek my face. I want to show you. I ache to usher in the new day, but there is a problem: there is a block, a stumbling stone, that people are not seeing & so are hitting. I give you commands that help you & your family. The generational curse is broken. I have done that because you asked. I have more I want to do, but you must ask! Forget the sins of your youth & even in your adultness. This new creation you are is perfect for my plans. Some things I tell you will make less sense than a penny. Others more sense than airmail. Rekindle the spark in your soul. Times are tough, & don’t I know it, but my time is approaching. You will be my witness. You will testify to what you have seen & heard. Feelings will overcome emotions. The blind already see. Everyone knows. It is time to reap the harvest. Be strong, like the man you are. These are coming: Faith, Hope & Love. Even from above & below the Truth is exposed. A million miles from the Sun a rock will be made into dust & travel one second to the terminal. Subdue envy in your heart. The Father is ready to welcome the family of believers into his home. Trust in the Truth. Heaven cannot stop all the blessings that are overflowing its storehouse, & the Earth will receive the excess, which will wipe away iniquity from the face of the Earth. Your family will be travelers on this spaceship for the Millenia, & your desires I give you will bring Peace to all nations. But this journey is fraught, when fear is present. Enjoy the eternal Peace I have given you. Share it.”

“Focus on your family.”


“We love you. Pray with us!? Invite her in to the fold. Treat her with respect & honor.”