“Son, you enter my midst with humility. You will leave with my eternal Peace. Trust in my power to overcome the evil one.”

A prophecy:

“Carts & horses pull in both directions. This way to Peace, that way to the past. When they push in the same way the hand of God is entered & flung aside in fury. Oranges tumble in the dark. Alight the way with purpose.”

“I am the Lord, your God. Rid yourself of all other idols. I am ready to make my move - eternal salvation. I need you to do something for me - Pray. Prayers smell like incense to me, they soothe me. Sing your songs of Joy! I can see clearly that the Spirit is within you. The Spirit of the Lord, myself & my friend, loves your earnest soul. Come along on this Journey. I held you in my hand before I formed you, son, as I meld your eyes and dropped in the cyan color. Your finger print is from the ripples when I blew the Living Air into your nostrils. As your lungs expanded for the first time, I saw your heart beat once - your soothing heart - as soft as wool & as strong as Jasper! Linger a moment…you have everything you need, but I will make your spirit overflow with gifts & wonders. Do my Will - Pray. Trust me. I have laid down my own life for you.”